June 18, 2017

Getting started at anything can be a consuming task. Will I like it? Will I have the time? How long will it take? These may be some questions that may make getting started taking music lessons a little confusing.

One lesson is all it takes to connect with music in a new and exhilerating way! TO CREATE the music that brings joy to you immediately!!! Not just the dry information that’s been around for hundreds of years but a whole new way to connect you to the music that makes a difference to YOU!

It’s not just the lifeless “COOKIE CUTTER” approach which when I started teaching at 16 I quickly realized wasn’t effective. There are a number of reasons this method may fall short.

Simply teaching the dance steps and not the dance detracts from the enjoyment of music. The joy that is felt by the player as well as the audience. When I say audience it could be just family or friends. The feeling of playing music that makes your spirit soar is priceless! It’s something that can be felt in the very first lesson. It’s so important to consider that each and every person responds to music differently.

Not learning music that was interesting was something I had heard often from students who had taken lessons before. Getting started can be difficult enough without trying to learn songs that don’t interest you. Not progressing quickly enough can also leave a person feeling uninspired. I had to build a better mouse trap.

It’s called the Kwikstep Method! The Kwikstep Method is all about you, your music and remarkably fast results. Getting started can be MAGIC! One lesson is all it takes. It’s all about the INSPIRATION!!! Not just the information. You’re a Miracle about to happen by just GETTING STARTED!!!