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Why Take "One Size Fits All" Music Lessons



Musice Lessons

Welcome to Steve’s Kwikstep Music!

Kwikstep Music Lessons can transform your goals into reality! Guitar, Bass and Piano Lessons are available. Experienced Pro helps you to reach your unique and individual goals.

Most importantly don’t let a lack of confidence or thoughts of not being good enough stand in your way. My Kwikstep Music Method insures fast results. Specifically serving Forest Hills, Kew Gardens and Rego Park in Queens and Brooklyn. Don’t wait another minute! Act now! 

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Music Lessons


Music Lessons

Inspiration is the key to a student’s best musical development. Often times a student will take lessons so they can play their most well liked songs. Therefore I try to create excitement by asking a student to make a list of their 10 favorite songs. Any sound. Any style of music. It never ceases to amaze me how often a teacher is surprised when a student lacks interest in the lessons. Most importantly it’s the teacher’s responsibility to interest the student and certainly not the other way around. Above all it’s ALL about the INSPIRATION not just the information.

Music Lessons

Initially people may put off playing music because they think it might take too long. Secondly maybe they have never tried to play. Many times fantastic results can often can occur with complete beginners. Without bad habits a student’s progress can be both quick and easy. In addition I have often been AMAZED at what people are capable of achieving musically. In conclusion I have had great success likewise with young and older people regardless of what their music interests and styles are.

Music Lessons

Over the course of over 30 years I’ve refined and continue to improve my revolutionary Kwikstep Method. Furthermore it incorporates a positive atmosphere while achieving unbelievably fast results. Using Kwikstep studies the technique improves with ease and grace. In conclusion music reading, theory and technique are all developed through much of the music that the student selects. Visit Steve’s Kwikstep Facebook pageContact Steve

"What People Are Saying About KWIKSTEP"

Mitchell Velkas 2 reviews 5 months ago
Steve uses an amazingly efficient and effective method to propel you into playing music. He helped me jump right into playing guitar with all the necessary tools. Thank you Steve!

Sherri Smith 1 review 5 months ago
Steve and his One Of A Kind Kwikstep Method are AMAZING!!! He got me playing my favorite song in my very 1st lesson!!!

Ena Gittens 1 review 2 months ago
FANTASTIC LESSONS!!! Steve knows how to make learning music FUN!



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