Beginner Guitar Lessons

Beginner Guitar Lessons: Fun and Easy

In this Beginner Guitar Lessons blog I’d like to go deeper than I have previously. Before your interest in wanting to play music think back to the first time you listened to music. How did it make you feel? In other words music has tremendous power to do many things. Sometimes just hearing a familiar melody can bring back memories of when we first heard it. Simply put it can brighten up your day. Furthermore it can help us to overcome difficult challenges. Music in short has ability to INSPIRE!


Have you ever wanted to do something but had no idea how to get started? Even worse have you started something but didn’t have the tools or methods to have any enjoyment at all? Not much inspiration there. Whatever music you want to play a comfortable guitar can increase your enjoyment dramatically. For more on this check out my  Finding the Perfect Guitar blog. Furthermore basic timing can bring life and expression to your music right from the beginning.

Your First Steps

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. They certainly didn’t for me when I first started. My first guitar was difficult to play. Even with great enthusiasm and private instruction playing was at times a struggle. I was occasionally playing songs that I liked but they sometimes didn’t the sound like the recording. The elements that bring your music to life. It’s amazing how a beginner can play a song with just a few basic notes and make it sound exactly like the original recording. My Favorite comment to hear from parents or spouses is they played the song a million times. Again proper methods and interesting music fuels the INSPIRATION!


Yes and no. The magic is YOU. Regardless of who I’m teaching each student brings their own sense of style and originality to the lessons. The “One Size Fits All” formulas of the past are not adequate enough. Certainly not enough to bring out the joy of music. In conclusion once again THE MAGIC IS YOU! The Kwikstep Method and YOU! An Inspirational combination to begin your Music journey. I’d love to hear from you!

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