Finding the perfect guitar can be frustrating and time consuming. Other important considerations are the cost and size of the guitar. Still other things which first time buyers may not be aware of can be crucial  

Firstly unlike a keyboard which is basically plastic and electronics a guitar is usually a piece of wood. Originally a living thing. Just this alone makes a guitar unique. Even if two guitars are the same model there will be minor or major differences. It’s easy to get attached to the shiny paint job only to realize the performance doesn’t match the appearance. In a word PLAYABILITY is paramount! In other words how easy is it to press the string to get a sound.

Reasonable Cost For A Beginner’s Guitar

Cost is usually the first priority in buying a guitar. While a quality instrument may be expensive a beginner’s guitar can be purchased for a pretty reasonable price. In finding the perfect guitar a full size acoustic guitar may be purchased  for as little as $99. For an electric guitar with some looking and a sale probably about $149.  An amplifier is generally required with an electric guitar. Many starter packs contain both for not much more than the electric guitar. This usually includes everything to begin playing.

Secondly and EXTREMELY important is how easy the guitar is to press to make a sound. Even more important with younger children. In finding the perfect guitar the quality of smaller size guitars for children has increased dramatically. While prices are often cheaper for smaller guitars  have the child try the guitar before buying.

In finding the perfect guitar the look and sound are also important. This is more individual. The next step is to begin playing music with your perfect guitar!

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