Guitar Lessons in Brooklyn

Guitar Lessons In Brooklyn

Are you looking for amazing results like the young man in the picture? One of my favorite success stories. Meet Kenson a very talented and creative guitar player. I enjoyed teaching him guitar lessons in Brooklyn initially at the Bennett Music School  although he first began playing piano. I would ocasionally teach him piano when his regular teacher wasn’t available at age 5. His progress was initially good. After taking piano lessons for five years Kenson was looking for a change.

He excelled quickly on the guitar. For more on getting started check out my Beginner Guitar Lessons blog. Even back then my Kwikstep Method had something to do with that. Because of his background on piano it was easy to gain knowledge of the fundamentals. Jazz, Blues, Rock and Rand B were just some the styles Kenson excelled at. Songwriting  and singing were also strong talents. I taught him a wide range of songs in addition to the rudiments. Reading music, a knowledge of chords and scales is essential in any educational program. In posing for this picture was real source of pride in his accomplishments. Even after all these years getting great results is always a BLAST!

Where The Story Leads

Kenson then attended college and while we spoke occasionally. I hadn’t seen him in two years. Recently I was playing at a club in his neighborhood. I was tuning up before the show then heard a familiar voice. It was great to see him. I asked him to sit in with the band and he joined right in. It was great to see how his skills had progressed. I look back with fond memories on the time we spent together. It gives me great pleasure to share Kenson’s story with you. The Kwikstep Method  and YOU. It’s a winning combination. Success for YOU? It’s easier than you think.

Kenson At The Recital
Jamming At My 2011 Student Recital
Kenson At Gramercy Arts H.S.
The Calm Before The Storm At Gramercy Arts High School (Age 15)