A New Beginning: The Secret Is You

A NEW SITE! A NEW DAY! After teaching over 30 years I still view each day as A NEW BEGINNING!

In dealing with students over the years I’ve encountered some difficult challenges. Overcoming those challenges have brought me tremendous joy and satisfaction but most importantly PROGRESS!!!

The key to a new beginning is individuality. Each person reacts differently on a physical and creative level to music. What works well for one person may not work well for another. Things like techniques that are geared specifically to a student’s interest are paramount. Many times challenges may be overcome using a person’s favorite songs. Sometimes a break in the monotony. A student’s favorite music can be the life’s blood of the lesson. The thing that elevates their outlook.

KwikStep Lessons Are a BLAST

Sometimes when people begin doing something they think about how long it will take to finish. Focusing on the Kwikstep method while experiencing rapid results is the secret. Effective timing and technique can also help students begin to master basic skills right from the start. It’s important to develop a sense of time right from the first lesson. It’s like jumping rope. The rope is constantly in motion. It’s important to keep moving. It’s really momentum in it’s truest sense. I once taught a student who said it felt like she was flying. It’s like riding a bicycle. You have to keep moving to maintain balance.

Like reading a good book. Music has the ability to transport you to another place, to a sense well being and joy.
Without this connection music can sound lifeless and dull to the player as well as the listener.
Even if you’ve already begun to make your musical aspirations a reality.

It’s A New Beginning to deepen the truest expression of yourself through your music!

Don’t let anything stand in your way! Music is MAGIC and SO ARE YOU! THE SECRET IS YOU TO A NEW BEGINNING!!!

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