Initially finding an enjoyable and playable guitar can be a challenge. For more of how to do that check out my Finding The Perfect Guitar blog. After finding an instrument you love how do you become the  player you’ve dreamed of? Many will simply go online and try free transcriptions. Seems easy to becoming a guitar star. While this approach can be marginally effective it can take alot of time often with little tangible results.

The Internet And Free Transcriptions

Firstly using free internet transcriptions can seem like a slam dunk! While there can be a level of effectiveness it can seem more like throwing a basketball up in the air and hoping it goes in the hoop. Maybe after taking many shots  one many go in. But it may take many more shots before another will go in. WHY?! In the case of the transcriptions accuracy on the the part of the person writing it can be difficult.

On the side of anyone who starts playing most importantly it’s usually basic guitar technique. Firstly if you’re using a pick how do you hold it? Secondly how are you positioning your left hand? How are the two hands interacting? In conclusion am I doing too much? ALL are potential  pitfalls that can be avoided. I’ve often said if I put 100 uninstructed beginners in a room with guitars many probably wouldn’t attain even basic results. Even with considerable time and effort. EVERYONE connects with the guitar individually and the path to success must be equally individual. Finding your unique style and  sound is the key!

As an instructor  the path to music success is as individual as the person themselves. After some basic techniques are understood you’ll be well on your way. Playing guitar can be relaxing and enjoyable. Happy playing!

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